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About Fanavaran Naft Abzar Engineering Company

Fanavaran Naft Abzar Knowledge-based Engineering Company is the largest manufacturer of fuel distribution stations in West Asia.

Fanavaran Naftabzar Knowledge-based Engineering Company

Fanavaran Naft Abzar Engineering Company is the largest manufacturer of fuel distribution stations in West Asia which was launched in 2008 with the aim of producing and equipping fuel distribution stations. The company gained technical knowledge and set up a production line of fuel dispenser pumps, and continued its work program to produce prefabricated and fast-install stations.

According to the needs of the market, the production line of prefabricated (quick installation) fuel stations was launched by Fanavaran NaftAbzar Knowledge-based Engineering Company in 2011 and within a few years with the customers’ demand for quality products of this company, it not only won the largest share of sales of pumps and dispensers, but also as the largest manufacturer of fast-install fuel distribution stations in the country.

Vision of Fanavaran Naftabzar

Fanavaran Naftabzar Knowledge-based Engineering Company relies on the ability of internal experts and employs the most up-to-date technologies of the world in Iran, has put its vision to reach the most desirable and largest manufacturer of fuel stations and has taken steps towards this high peak.

Production of all kinds of gas stations, including mobile gas stations, small city gas stations, traditional gas stations, mobile container gas stations, emergency fueling vehicles, fueling vehicles under application, fuel trolleys, tankers and air-cooled chillers are a small part of our efforts. And the achievements of the engineering company are the knowledge base of oil technologists.

Our social responsibility

Fanavaran Naftabzar Engineering Company, as a knowledge-based company in the field of fuel distribution equipment, with trained and specialized workforce, while observing technical principles, considers itself obliged to comply with the latest editions of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Designing, manufacturing, and supplying various mobile and prefabricated fuel stations and pumps, including quick-install coastal fuel pumps, small city fuel pumps, mobile fuel dispensers, and containerized mobile fuel stations, are among the notable achievements of our knowledge-based company.

This is the reason why Fanavaran Naft Abzar knowledge-based Engineering Company, stands out as the largest producer and exporter of various fuel stations and pumps in West Asia.

More than 160 Customers

More than 90 cities

A wide variety of products

The largest producer in West Asia

The knowledge-based engineering company Fanavaran Naftabzar, with the slogan “Become a fuel station owner with the lowest cost”, has produced all its products based on up-to-date global knowledge and the efforts of skilled and talented young people of this land. The company has been successful in meeting the needs of its customers an dear people of Iran based on this slogan.