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Mobile Container Gas Station

Mobile container gas stations are stations that have all the equipment of a regular fuel station and, as the name suggests, can be transported and deployed at different locations.

  • Equipped with a double-walled tank with insulation between the walls.
  • One or two gasoline /diesel dispensers with a flow rate of 45 to 300 liters per minute.
  • Equipped with an explosion-proof electric pump capable of filling and emptying the tank with a flow rate of 800 liters per minute.
  • Equipped with explosion-proof equipment including electrical panel, float pump, lighting, etc.
  • Capacity from 6000 liters to 70000 liters upon request of esteemed customers.

Mobile Container Gas Station

Mobile Container Gas Station

Mobile container gas stations are stations that have “all the equipment of a regular fuel station“. In Portable fuel distribution stations, there is no need for special infrastructure or operations to start, and they can be transported and ready for use immediately after purchase in any required location. Due to the optimized weight and volume of this product, along with compliance with traffic load standards, it does not pose any problems in urban and intercity road traffic. All necessary mechanical and electronic components, along with a double-walled tank, are installed in its beautiful container models, which are available in wheeled and container versions.


Advantages of this Mobile container gas station:

  • Equipped with a vapor leakage detection system and VDI leakage detector between the double walls
  • Equipped with a tank monitoring system
  • Equipped with a three-layer paint and pre-preparation with the sandblasting operation for longer use and durability in high-humidity environments
  • Can be implemented on a minimum area of land
  • Minimum possible time for operation
  • No need for infrastructure and construction operations
  • Much lower cost compared to traditional fuel distribution stations
  • Ease of product transportation on roads due to no traffic load restrictions
  • One-year warranty and ten-year after-sales service
  • Economic efficiency in implementing the plan for respected employers
  • Possibility of refueling from 1 to 4 vehicles simultaneously
  • Adherence to all safety aspects in the construction of fuel stations

Suitable locations for this product:

  • Government and private organizations                               Airports and bus terminals
  • Military and law enforcement agencies                               Municipalities, refineries, factories, dam-building workshops

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Mobile Container Gas Station

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