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An Outstanding experience, commitment and quality are our Approach

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The largest manufacturer of various fuel distribution stations and gas stations in West Asia

Other subsidiary companies of Petro Ayric Holding

We are proud to be one of the subsidiaries of PetroAyrick Holding the largest investor and equipment manufacturer of fuel stations in West Asia.

Naft Abzar Company
NaftAbzar Company
Kahab Gostaran
Kahab Company
Pido Company
AvisaSolar Company
Jaygahyar Company
Ertebat khalagh Ayric
Ayricplus Company

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An outstanding experience, commitment, and quality are our approach

Fanavaran Naft Abzar Engineering Company, relying on the expertise of internal specialists and the deployment of the latest global technologies, has set its vision to become the most desirable and largest fuel station manufacturer in West Asia. In the pursuit of this lofty goal, the company has taken significant steps.
The production of mobile, container, small urban fuel stations, etc. is just a small part of the efforts and achievements of the Fanavaran Naft Abzar Engineering Company employees.

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Fanavaran Naft Abzar Engineering Co. is the largest manufacturer of fuel distribution stations, fueling vehicles, prefabricated gas stations, small urban stations, mobile container fuel stations and storage tanks in West Asia.