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Compressor chiller

Scroll air-cooled compressor chiller

Fanavaran Naftabzar Knowledge-Based Engineering Company relies on up-to-date knowledge and conducts research and development activities in the field of production of compact air-cooled HVAC systems. It has introduced its latest scroll air-cooled compressor chiller by utilizing the best parts from reputable global brands such as Danfoss from France, Copeland from Thailand, and Buzcelik from Turkey.

Compressor chiller

Compressor chiller

Compressor chiller (The air-cooled condenser) is, in fact, a type of heat exchanger in which the heat of the incoming vapor is directly transferred to the surrounding air. This is why it is considered a dry-cooling method. In other words, unlike evaporative and water condensers, no water is used to dissipate heat in this method. Therefore, the condensing temperature in air-cooled condensers will depend on the dry-bulb temperature of the environment.

Scrolled air-cooled compact chiller

A copper groove pipe is used inside the condenser of the scrolled air-cooled compact chiller by

Fanavaran Naftabzar Knowledge-Based Engineering Company, which increases the efficiency of the device and reduces its power consumption. Additionally, if necessary, electronic expansion valves can be used in its construction, which increases the cooling capacity of the outlet water and reduces power consumption by 14.3 percent.

Technical specifications:

  • Ÿ A cooling capacity of 70.0 kilowatts is equivalent to 20 tons of actual refrigeration (at an ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius).
  • Ÿ Maximum dimensions of 1000x2200x2230.
  • Ÿ Two Copeland scroll compressors are suitable for working with R22 and R407c gases.
  • Ÿ Shell and tube evaporator and air-cooled condenser.
  • Ÿ Two 80 cm axial fans with a motorized dampener.
  • Ÿ Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Ÿ Electrical panel.


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Compressor chiller

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